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Since 2012, Helios Roofing has been constructing private residences, commercial structures, and industrial buildings, throughout the whole lower mainland in BC.

To constantly provide the highest levels of quality & service of roofing, we uphold stringent standards of excellence that adapt to the changing needs of our customers and the environment. The strict implementation of training, field supervision, research & development allow us to ensure the integrity of our service and the satisfaction of our consumers.

Our record in delivering professional roof repair and installation throughout the lower mainland is exceptional, and we guarantee superior quality, strength, longevity, and dependability.

At Helios, we build more than structures; we build life-long relationships with our customers.


Our goal is to provide outstanding roof installation with professional construction experience to serve the best needs for our customers. We protect your properties with lower cost, reliable service and high quality.


Equipment on roofing project

Safety is one of our top priority. With continuous safety training authorized by the professional institute, our employees protect themselves and others in the worksite.


Efficiency on roofing project

Our software improves our work efficiency by connecting office and construction site in a real-time platform. This allows customers to communicate easier with both office and construction site. Questions and problems occurring can be solved intuitively and efficiently. As a result, we avoid misrepresentation and save time between ourselves and our clients.



Qualified roofing

Our primary goal is to deliver professional service to customers and solve their problems. Our team always comply and is committed to projects with customers demand.


energy saving from our roof's works

Conserving energy will help protect the earth. That is why we employ Net -Zero energy building technics to help our customers save energy. Building energy-saving roofs will lower operating emissions and create a cleaner environment.


“I saw neighbour has replaced a nice and great roof, so I ask the company, if they can help me with our skylight for the reason of leaking. They quickly find out the problem and quote in a competitive price. Their service was excellent, the work was professional, and they are attention to detail. Great job! I would definitely recommend to my friends and relatives.”

Brad, Homeowner

This is the first time me and my husband work with Helios, recommended by our friend. Luke took times to explain us and ensure that we understood the roofing, in order to help us make decisions for roof replacement. They also provided quote with fair price and show us a detailed graphing on the look after they remodel our roof. They gave some excellent advices that may save our money. Our new roof looks excellent and I am appreciated of their work. It has been great working with Helios."

Sophia, Homeowner

"I have been working with Helios since the company started. It was a bit worried in the beginning, but it ends up very beautiful and exceeds my expectation. Louis and his team are professional, and knowledgeable. They always get the work done efficiently and effective. Thank you to Louis and his team, Helios have been a great roofing company.”

Ketty, Builder

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